UNIIQ Sold 1 Million Bottles Within A Year!

Available around supermarket in Klang Valley, everyone that tried UNIIQ recommends us around too!

6 flavours available: Classic, Calamansi, Mulberry, Rose, Passion fruit, Pink Guava

We’re HALAL & MeSTI certified, thus you can drink confidently!

FREE Kombucha Sampling!

Come find us to try our Kombucha from our Draught Machine!

Available around shopping malls in Klang Valley

Wedding & Events

We do cater for Events too! Hit us up!

Kombucha & 4500mg Prebiotics

Kombucha, is a drink that contains probiotic, which is good source of bacteria to help protect our gut health. As kombucha is fermented, it is good for the mircobiome and gut health.

While our UNIIQ, with added 4500mg Prebiotics, it helps to promote the increase of friendly bacteria in the gut. This helps better with digestive problems, constipation problems and could help boost your immune system too.

How to Consume Kombucha?

Recommended to drink 1 bottle a day. It would be great to drink after breakfast or after dinner, as it is good for digestion and to ease constipation!

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